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Site Visit Request Form
Personal Details
Full Name:
Telephone No. : Mobile No.:
Email ID for contact : Your Status
Goa Contact Details
Goa Arrival Date : calender Goa Dep. Date : calender
Place of Stay in Goa :
Goa Contact Telephone No.: Contact Mobile No.:
Site Visit Request Details
Prop IDs to be visited. : Close additional visit
Date of Site Visit : calender Visit Start Time :
Please note that due to distances, you will need to book visits to North and South Goa properties on different dates.
No. of persons who will be present for the site visit :
Please Note : We strongy advise that children should not be present during site visits as it can be dangerous at project sites. If you insist on childeren accompany you, it is entirely at your own risk and consequences.
Car Hire Required ?
We do not charge anything for the Site Visits, but as our executives are on 2 wheelers, if you require a car for your Goa stay, we could assist you in booking car for you with rental car provider. Payment for the car are to be made by you to the rental car provider directly. Alternately, you can book a car independently.
Any other Remarks :
We will try our best to accommodate your Site Visit as per the above details. Please however await a Confirmatory Email from us. In the event all our executives are busy on the date requested, we will get in touch with you to fix an alternate date that is convenient to you.
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Ensure correct Email ID is entered to receive the confirmation
Enter No. only. Eg. - 102 for Prop ID RS102
Goa Rent Villa
Goa Rent Villa