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Investing in goa Real Estate
Investing in goa Real Estate card

It is common knowledge that the Goa real estate market offers a very good return on investment and many investors, from all over the world are keen to partake in the rich dividends that an investment in Goa real estate offers.

The demand for built-up property is all the more robust because in addition to year-on-year value appreciation of the asset, most properties also offer great potential for earning rental income, both for long rent as well as for short holiday rentals. High cost and shortage of hotels rooms during season further fuel the demand for holiday villas, row houses, hotels, guest houses and apartments in Goa.

The situation is a bonanza for real estate developers who are in a position to deliver a quality product to meet the almost insatiable demand for good real estate development projects For investors – this represents a great opportunity! However, they must first identify good partners to team up with, and only then can they envisage participation in a lucrative real estate project…. This is where Realty Goa comes in – to help you identify the best projects, tie up with reputed and reliable developers, and be your eyes and ears at the local level.

Preferred Investment Channels   New Projects - Currently Available
Advantages with Realty Goa   Block Bookings - Currently Available
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Preferred Investment Channels
Option 1 > Invest in a New Project with an Established Developer Investing in goa Real Estate wood-house

Enjoy returns like any Developer – But... with none of the headaches.

Depends on project size. Can start with as little as Rs 2 Cr. (Rs. 20m) for a very small project and go up to any level, depending on project size.

Typically 50% to 80% ROI, depending on the project and terms agreed with the developer.

Process :
A simple and transparent process is currently preferred by investors, wherein the investor invests part of project cost, and against this, takes finished built up area of the project which he is can sell immediately, hold, rent out or do as he wishes. The investment is secured by way of a legally registered "Agreement of Sale" signed between developer and Investor and is legally binding on both parties. This is a very clean and easily accountable/verifiable method that eliminates any uncertainty and manipulation that could at times be associated with methods based on “profit share”

The above method is preferred, but in case investors prefer any other arrangement this can certainly be considered as it is transparent and ensures a win-win situation for all concerned.

  Offers similar Return on Investment as earned by any Developer – But none of the responsibility or headaches of actually having to handle any part of the project.
  In return, investor gets a share of the total built-up area constructed. Detailed construction specifications and finishes of the BUA are defined in the Agreement.
  Investment is secured with a legally registered “Agreement of Sale” (AOS)
  Completion date for the BUA is also defined in the AOS with penalty clauses as required.
  Investor can get 3rd party architect/consultant to check and verify BUA details, finishes etc before taking possession.
  Better Tax Planning – Investor can sell all, part or rent his BUA to best suit his tax planning requirements.
  Transparent – No messy profit share arrangement that can be manipulated.
  Marketing Assistance – if investor requires, Realty Goa can assist him with sale & rental of his BUA.
  Complete peace of mind for Investor as Builder handles all aspects of the project including permissions, and all aspects pertaining to construction of the project.
  Realty Goa does not charge anything extra for this service other than the normal 2% commission on the value of the land.
Option 2 > Block Bookings of Units in an Ongoing Project Investing in goa Real Estate hand House

Pre-book units with a price advantage.

Usually a minimum of Rs 1 Cr. (Rs. 10m) for Apartment projects and Rs 2 Cr. (Rs. 20m) for Villa projects

Discount from 5% to 30% on prevailing prices, depending on number of units for block booking, current stage of completion of the project, level of booking already achieved by the builder and expected demand for the project.

Process :
In this case an investor, or group of investors, can get a substantially discounted rate in an ongoing project by virtue of their greater bargaining power. The actual process remains the same as when buying any built-up property.

  An investor or group of investors can bulk buy units even before the pre-launch stage of a project.
  Buying at discounted rate gives investor advantage of price differential with market rate from day one.
  Standard and straight forward process, same as buying any property
  As project is ongoing, investor can resell almost immediately if he so desires.
Advantages with Realty Goa
Realty Goa not only provides a “single-window” access for investors to enter the Goa real estate market,
but also adds substantial value to the developers project.

Realty Goa performs a number of critical functions that not only directly benefit both, the developer as well as the investor, but also contributes substantially to the success of the project.

  Identifying and tying up with reputed developers who match a pre-requisite ethics and value profile and are considered suitable for investment.
  Introduction to Goa Developers, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and other professionals as required.
  Negotiating best rates for Block booking of units by investors in ongoing projects
  Realty Goa assists the developer and investor in identifying, conceptualizing and planning successful projects – based on critical information and insights drawn from the wealth of proprietary data that only Realty Goa has access and is privy to.

  • Demand Knowledge – Ongoing data collected from over 1 million (10 lac) hits every month on our website plus over 500 customer enquiries
         received monthly by our Goa office, generate invaluable insight into what buyers are looking for in Goa property … whether villas, apts, studios or
         commercial property, locations preferred, floor areas, budgets…. even the sales terms that customer are looking for. With this invaluable
         information, Realty Goa has a pulse on customer‘s requirements from Goa real estate, at any given point in time.

  • Supply Knowledge – Information of the 100s of properties currently listed with Realty Goa, representing over 50 developers and other property
         owners, plus an ongoing listing process to identify new and upcoming projects, gives Realty Goa complete knowledge of current real estate stock
         available in the market as also new stock expected to be offered in the near future.
  •     Knowledge of both demand as well as supply, and that too, based on hard facts and data, places Realty Goa in a unique position to identify unique “niche opportunity” areas for which customer demand exists – but there is no supply. These represent hi-potential areas for development of a new project.
      Based on above knowledge, not only project type, location etc, but also detailed project concepts can be developed that can create a unique niche in the market place.
      Land sourcing and selection of potential sites that may be suitable for project development
      Assessing Feasibility of the Project.
      Monitoring of construction progress and feedback to the investor
      Monitoring of design quality and finishes.
    Do’s & Don’ts for Investors
      If you do not live in Goa for most of the year do not attempt to independently undertake any construction work - whether for business, or personal use. is far wiser and easier to work through an established developer. Obtaining required permissions and successfully executing a real estate project in Goa can be complicated
      Some laws date back to pre-independence Portuguese times so at times lawyers from other parts of India may not be completely familiar with the local status. Best to appoint a good local lawyer to look after your interests.
      Do not cut corners and ask your lawyer to undertake all possible due-diligence checks before investing.
      Even if you are buying into an existing development – ask your lawyer to re-check the Zoning and Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) status of the project to avoid any nasty surprises later.
      Check and compare property prices in and around the area before investing – especially if you are buying through agents. At times, instead of just charging a standard 2% brokerage commission, agents mark-up the selling price substantially in order to make a huge profit.
      As Goa is a coastal state, much of the land, especially prime land near beaches and rivers, fall under the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) where no construction work may be permitted at all.
      There is a saying ….. "In Goa, everyone from the taxi driver to your room boy at the hotel, is a real estate agent". Many have burnt their fingers - be careful who you deal with.
    Goa Rent Villa
    Goa Rent Villa