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Terms and Charges
I wish to utilise Realty Goa's services and agree to the terms and charges mentioned below. I have also read the Disclaimer at http://www.realtygoa.com/Goa-Property/disclaimer.aspx, and have understood and agree to all the points stated therein. I further state that If I, or any person through me, decides to purchase any property based on information, site visits or introductions to sellers or their representatives, provided to me by Realty Goa, I will not attempt to bypass Realty Goa and will take full responsibility to ensure that full payment is made to Realty Goa as per the charges below
No. Service Charges Remarks
Sourcing & Co-ordination Services
Includes :
1. Sourcing properties in Goa and providing you information on available properties through our website, via email and directly. Payable Only if you Purchase a property.
2% of property value
+ Govt. Service Tax

Full amount payable at the time the 1st payment is made to the Seller.
Payment for the property is to be made directly by you to the Seller.

Lawyers Charges if any, to be paid directly by you to the lawyer
2. Answering your queries and providing you further information you may require on properties of your interest.
3. Once you shortlist properties, providing you specific availability and other details regarding the properties that you are interested in
4. Taking you for Site Visits and meetings with Sellers or their representatives as required.
5. Follow-up & Coordination on your behalf between the Seller and your Lawyer if any, and other general coordination between you and the Seller as required up to signing of the first Agreement (i.e. "Agreement of Sale" for properties under construction Or "Sale Deed" in the case of ready properties)
6. If Home Finance is required - Introduction to Goa Banks for home finance and providing information on process, documents required etc.
Optional Add-On Services
Post-Purchase Progress Reports for Under Construction properties
Includes :
1. Our executive visits your property once every month to check progress of construction and takes digital photographs to record the progress. Rs 700/- per month
+ Govt. Service Tax

Payable Quarterly in Advance
Min. Order in multiples of 3 months.
2. Photographs showing stage of construction are emailed to you
Goa Rent Villa
Goa Rent Villa